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An Arrest Has Been Made In The Maria Ridulph Case

I've delayed starting a blog featuring newspaper articles concerning unsolved murder and missing persons cases long enough and will open it now with a case that I hadn't heard about until today when it was apparently solved. I've included a recent article about it and then will follow that with what I could find in hard copy from newspaper articles. 

One note concerning old newspaper articles: having done a few research projects this way I've learned that many of the early news reports contain factual inaccuracies and shouldn't be taken as gospel. 

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Rome News-Tribune - Apr 29, 1958


Hundreds Look For Girl Feared Kidnap Victim; The Spokane Daily Chronicle, December 4, 1957

Posse Hunts Kidnapper, Missing Girl; The Miami News, December 4, 1957

Thousand Volunteers Hunt Missing Girl; The Reading Eagle, December 4, 1957

Clue Hunt In Disappearance Of Child Spreads; The Times-News, December 5, 1957

Continue Search For Missing Girl; The Lewiston Evening Journal, December 5, 1957

Three Wanted For Questioning Over Missing Girl, 7; The Star-News, December 5, 1957

3,000 Search For Girl, 7; The Youngstown Vindicator, December 6, 1957

Cemetery Footprints Raise Spark Of Hope; The Windsor Daily Star, December 7, 1957

More FBI Men Hunting For Girl; The Miami News, December 7, 1957

Fear Doll Clue Is Phony; The St. Joseph News-Press, December 8, 1957

Plea Made In Missing Child Case: The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 8, 1957

Kidnap-Killer may Be Holding Body Of Child; The Meriden Journal, December 10, 1957

Missing Girl, 7, Still Sought; The Deseret News, December 10, 1957

Police Express Hope Kidnapped Child Alive; The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 10, 1957

Vanished Girl's Mom Still Waits; The Miami News, December 10, 1957

Would Link Sex Fiend To Kidnapping; The Times-News, December 11, 1957

Maria's Father Gives Up Hope; The St. Joseph Gazette, December 12, 1957

Missing Girl Still Hunted; The Washington Reporter, December 12, 1957

Will Blast Frozen Streams And Ponds In Hunt For Girl; The St. Joseph News-Press, December 13, 1957

Asking 17,000 To Search For Missing Child; The Telegraph-Herald, December 16, 1957

Families Asked To Search Properties For Missing Girl, Seven; The St. Joseph News-Press, December 16, 1957

Hunt Pushed To Clues For Lost Girl; The Deseret News, December 16, 1957

Search For Missing Tot Continues; The Beaver Valley Times, December 16, 1957

Search Pressed For Girl Given Piggy-Back Ride; The Times-News, December 16, 1957

Man Sought After Attempt To Kidnap Girl; The Deseret News, December 21, 1957

Girl Who Fled Kidnapper Fails To Link Suspects; The Milwaukee Sentinel, December 22, 1957

Lake Searched For Girl's Body; The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 23, 1957

Seek To Link Madison Man With Missing Illinois Girl; The Milwaukee Sentinel, December 23, 1957

Authorities Feel Missing Illinois Girl Still Alive; The St. Joseph News-Press, December 29, 1957


Body Of Little Girl Found; The Park City Daily News, April 25, 1958

Uncover Body Of Missing Girl; Youngstown Vindicator, April 26, 1958

Body Of Girl Found In Woods; The St. Joseph News-Press, April 27, 1958

Illinois Girl's Body Identified; Lewiston Morning Tribune, April 27, 1958

Missing Girl's Body Found In IllinoisThe Pittsburgh Press, April 27, 1958

Body Of Missing Girl, 7, Found 75 Miles From Home; The News and Courier, April 28, 1958

Child Slaying Clues Sought; The St. Joseph Gazette, April 28, 1958

Clues Are Sought in Death Of Girl; The Toledo Blade, April 28, 1958

Mystery Cloaks Death Of Illinois Girl, 7; The Deseret News, April 28, 1958

Clues Sought In Death Of Maria Ridulph; The Rome News-Tribune, April 29, 1958

Kidnap Trail Leads To State; The Milwaukee Journal, April 30, 1958

Dells Transient Questioned In Girl Slaying; The Milwaukee Sentinel, May 3, 1958

Man Held In Child's Death; The St. Joseph News-Press, May 3, 1958

State Man Freed In Ridulph Case: The Milwaukee Journal, May 7, 1958

Ridulph Case Still Active, But Clues Now Come Slower by John Morgan; The Telegraph-Herald, October 24, 1958


Test Likely In Slay Case; The Milwaukee Sentinel, August 10, 1959

Ex-Con's tale Of Girl Killing Called Hoax; The Milwaukee Sentinel, August 14, 1959

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