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Who Killed Barbara Gaca?

I am reprinting a portion of this story and linking to the original source because it is a great summation of the events that led up to the death of Barbara Gaca and the aftermath. All rights reserve to the author, Mr. Bak.

In 1955, the slaying of a little girl gripped Detroit. Fifty years on, the perpetrator remains a mystery.

By Richard Bak

On that damp, bleak Thursday when little Barbara Gaca skipped off to school and never returned, she was settled into a routine as comfortably predictable as the route her father, Frank, followed every day for 38 years as a Detroit mail carrier.

Every morning she dressed in her blue-and-white school uniform and black strap shoes, kissed her mother goodbye, then walked the six blocks from the frame house at 14102 Faircrest to Assumption Grotto, one of the city’s largest Catholic parishes. The second-grader attended Mass, had breakfast at her desk, then began a long day of study under the watchful eyes of the nuns. Noon provided a welcome break for Barbara and her younger siblings, Gloria and Robert, who weren’t allowed to watch television until Barbara came home and personally clicked it on. Then they all had lunch with Soupy Sales.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the flame alive

Anonymous said...

Who should one contact if they know of someone who had a kidnapping experience around that same time, 3 miles away on Gratiot and 10 mile road that might not have been reported.

the said...

I'm guessing the Detroit Police cold case dept.

Anonymous said...

Recently in Illinois the police after 55 years of looking for a killer of a little girl have convicted an ex-cop. He killed a little girl the same age as Barbara and it was in the same year 1957. Did the police ever find out if there was a connection between the two cases? Illinois isn't very far from Detroit, MI It would be worth looking into. I lived in Detroit and went to another Catholic School in the area and I was the same age as Barbara, this scared my mom senseless.

Anonymous said...

Any updates recently with the Gaca case? The story was mentioned on a website recently. Maybe a lot of cover ups and mis directions were involved at the time?

Anonymous said...

Any updates on this case, recently saw a website that spoke of cover ups and misdirection at the time.

Anonymous said...

Any new to this case. Recently saw a report that claimed this was a cover up and mis direction at the time and some people do know the truth.

Unknown said...

The original article says the Bloomfield Twp Police Dept has jurisdiction over the case now - not sure if the captain mentioned in the story is still working there but I would start by calling the department and asking.