Monday, October 10, 2011

Who Murdered Michael Rosenblum?



Man Seeks Medical Records In Hunt For Missing Son; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 18, 1980

Shadyside Man Sues Hospital For Son's Records; The Pittsburgh Press, June 16, 1980


Chief Confident Probe Will Clear Baldwin Cops; The Pittsburgh Press, June 17, 1982


Police Cleared In Disappearance; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 16, 1983


A Long Look; The Pittsburgh Press, September 23, 1987

Officer Gave Clue In Man's Search For Son; The Pittsburgh Press, September 24, 1987

Baldwin Council To Weigh Chief's Fate Tonight; The Pittsburgh Press, October 5, 1987

Baldwin Police Chief Fired Amid Accusations; The Vindicator, October 7, 1987

Baldwin May File Charges Against Its Police Clerk; The Pittsburgh Press, October 8, 1987

Missing Person, Absent Facts; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 8, 1987

Baldwin Informs Ex-Chief Of Charge; The Pittsburgh Press, October 13, 1987

Complaint Filed Against Ex-Chief; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 13, 1987

Counsel Says Gaburri Hearing May Clarify Disappearance; The Pittsburgh Press, October 22, 1987

Clerk Says Ousted Chief Ordered Phony Letter; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 9, 1987

A Father's Frustrating Quest; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 12, 1987

Robbery Victim Identified Rosenblum, Officer Says; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 13, 1987

Expert; Letter May Not Have Been Forged; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 14, 1987

Fired Baldwin Chief Denies He Ordered Forgery Of Letter; The Pittsburgh Press, November 14, 1987

Ex-Chief Denies Ordering Backdated Letter; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 16, 1987

Baldwin Delays Payment To Lawyer; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 19, 1987

Baldwin Dismisses Charges, Reinstates Police Chief; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 31, 1987


Baldwin Won't Appeal Gabrurri Reinstatement; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 18, 1988

Rejection Of Appeal Ends Gabrurri Case; The Pittsburgh Press, February 18, 1988

Baldwin Borough Fires Suspended Officer; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 19, 1988

Galovich To Appeal Firing In Baldwin; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 21, 1988

Inquiry Of Chief Blamed In Officer's Firing; The Pittsburgh Press, April 21, 1988

Baldwin Backed, Booed In Rosenblum Case; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 12, 1988

Petition Seeks Probe In Man's Disappearance; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazaette, May 17, 1988

Baldwin; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 26, 1988

Bone No Clue In Shadyside Disappearance; The Pittsburgh Press, June 1, 1988

Bone Too Dry To Prove Origin; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 1, 1988

Hearing For Fired Baldwin Officer; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 9, 1988

Officers Sue Magazine Over Rosenblum Story; The Pittsburgh Press, June 16, 1988

Gaburri Says He Feared For His Life; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 23, 1988

New Baldwin Citizens Group Fuled By Controversy; The Pittsburgh Press, June 29, 1988

Firing Of Baldwin Policeman Overturned; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, August 3, 1988

Untiltled; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 14, 1988

Baldwin Council Won't Appeal Return Of Galovich To Police Force; The Pittsburgh Press, October 20, 1988


A New Unsolved Mystery; The Pittsburgh Press, January 11, 1989

Father Encouraged By Caller With Info About Missing Son; The Allegheny Times, January 12, 1989

Father Gets Anonymous Call On Son; The Allegheny Times, January 12, 1989

Baldwin Disputes Existence Of Prisoner; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 13, 1989

Father Finds Hope In Call Nine Years After Son Disappears; The Observer-Reporter, January 13, 1989

Police Doubt Claim That Missing Man Was Sighted In Baldwin Jail; The Pittsburgh Press, February 16, 1989

Baldwin Police Office Sues Over Firing; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 4, 1989

Officer Sues; The Pittsburgh Press, April 4, 1989

Policeman Sues Baldwin Officials; The Beaver County Times, April 4, 1989

Baldwin Suspends 2 Police Officers Over Shoving Match; The Pittsburgh Press, September 21, 1989

Council Post For McPherson Assailed In Baldwin; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 22, 1989

Missing Man's Dad Wants Son Declared Dead; The Pittsburgh Press, December 6, 1989


Father Requests That Missing Son Be Declared Dead; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 17, 1990

Man Is Declared Dead In Baldwin Mystery; The Pittsburgh Press, January 17, 1990

Pittsburgh Magazine Settles 2 Officers' Libel Suit; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 6, 1990

Pittsburgh Magazine Suit Settled; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 6, 1990

Panel Backs Council Ruling; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 1, 1990


Origin Of Skull Found In Woods Baffles Officials; The Pittsburgh Press, April 23, 1992

Part Of Skull Found Near Becks Run Rd.; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 23, 1992

Skull Links To Missing Man Seen As Unlikely; The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 24, 1992

Coroner Doubts Skull Is Rosenblum's; The Pittsburgh Press, April 24, 1992

Dad Is Not Surprised Skull Belonged To Missing Son; The Reading Eagle, June 4, 1992

Pittsburgh Family Buries Remains Of Missing Son; The Beaver County Times, June 7, 1992


Anonymous said...

looking for stories of the disapearence of two Escanaba Michigan boys date missing was Sept.15,1963 names were Johnny Jensen (policemen's son) and Charlie Kobosic, 10 days later were found drowned behind the band shell at Luddington Park. Both were terrified of water.

the said...

I'll get on that shortly and post something probably tonight while I have some free time. Thanks for the tip.